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Did you know that certain dental procedures require healthy gums to be successful? Having numerous oral health care treatments, as well as the cosmetic enhancements of teeth whitening and dental veneers all require healthy gums. And yet, gum disease today affects almost half of adults over the age of 30 in the U.S. Today we will take a look at seven contributors of gum disease and how to prevent it.

1- Plaque: this is the leading contributor to gum disease. This thick bacterial film coats your teeth and gums. To stop it in its tracks, brush twice a day and floss between teeth at least daily. This habit is essential to maintaining healthy gums and teeth.

2- Balanced Diet: without a diet rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C, your oral tissues are vulnerable. Strive for a balanced diet and limit sweets.

3-Smoking: tobacco interferes with the proper function of gum tissue cells, inviting infections like gum disease. Quitting this one habit is a gift you can give yourself for healthier lungs and gums!

4-Hormones: women and girls are vulnerable to the hormonal fluctuations that occur during menses, pregnancy, and menopause. Maintain proper daily oral hygiene, eat a balanced diet, and stay well hydrated will help your gum tissue during these times.

5-Misaligned Teeth: crooked or overlapping teeth are hard to clean which allows bacteria to thrive. Be sure to clean those areas carefully every day and consider orthodontic help to align the teeth.

6-Medications: side effects often include insufficient saliva production which in turn gives free reign to oral bacterial growth. Your doctor may be able to find an alternative medication that doesn’t interfere with saliva. Stay as hydrated with water as possible to help.

7-Genetics: if your family tree has members with a history of gum disease, you are likely more prone as well. Maintain the highest oral hygiene standards and visit your dentist regularly.

Keep gum disease at bay by brushing and flossing daily, eating a balanced diet, and keep bi-annual dental cleanings and checkups unless advised otherwise. To schedule a visit with our dentists, Dr. Parth Patel, please call Smile By Design in Douglasville, Georgia, at 770-942-1096 today.