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Very few fortunate people were born with naturally perfect smiles. Most of us will have some minor flaw that could be covered over to attain the desired result. Some may have a more insightly issue like a misshapen or discolored tooth that they want to completely hide or remove from their smile.

In these cases, we can help you to feel good about your teeth by offering tooth bonding or dental veneers. Bonding is the affordable option compared to porcelain veneers which are actually thin fronts of porcelain applied to the teeth. Veneers are the “gold standard” in cover-ups for the teeth. But, bonding is a permanent solution in and of itself, and only takes a single office visit where the veneers take several days and at least two visits.

Bonding with a composite resin is a simple process. First a color match is mixed to mimic your natural teeth, and some tooth enamel is removed to allow the resin to adhere. Next, the resin is placed on the target tooth (or teeth) and a molded and shaped by the dentist. A special light helps to activate and harden the resin, and then it is polished to appear identical to the other teeth.

Taking care of your bonding is easy as it is no different than caring for your originals. Simply stay away from anything that would damage or discolor your natural teeth and your bonds will also benefit.

If you would like more information about bonding for a chipped, discolored, or misshapen tooth, call Drs. Patel and Schnar, and our helpful team at Smile By Design. Phone: 770-942-1096, or come by our office in Douglasville, Georgia.