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If you get a cavity, some dental filling may be the solution you are looking for. It can take the place of the cavity and restore the tooth. If you are curious about how fillings are placed, we offer you this brief explanation.

Our dentists removes any decayed parts of your tooth. Unfortunately, these parts cannot be saved, but clearing them out can help us protect the healthy parts of your tooth.

If needed, the cavity can be reshaped a bit. The dentists does this to help the filling stay in the tooth a little better. Well, there is always a possibility that it can fall out, but as you remember to take care of it, the filling can last for many years.

Finally, the tooth is ready for the filling to be placed. Once there, the filling can fortify the tooth so it can function normally. The filling can also protect the area it covers, reducing the risk of decay hitting it again.

If you live in the Douglasville, Georgia, area and notice a cavity forming on your teeth, we are happy to help you here at Smile By Design. Dr. Parth Patel, our dentist, can help you decide what treatments to try, whether it is a filling or something more suited for your particular situation. Feel free to call 770-942-1096, as we are here to answer your questions and see to your needs.