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After experiencing facial trauma due to an automotive collision or athletic accident, it would be surprising if you didn’t experience some dental damage to your mouth as well. Sometimes this can result in the loss of a tooth, even damaging the connective tissues from the tooth to the roots. This is when you need to especially get emergency dental care at Smile By Design in Douglasville, Georgia.

Our dental professionals will determine which course of treatment is best for you when we’ve evaluated how much damage has been done to the periodontal tissues and whether the tooth is salvageable. This may also include extracting the remains of a tooth or gums. Your gums will then be sutured and you will be measured for a dental bridge.

After your gums have healed, Dr. Parth Patel will make an impression of your teeth to be sent in to a dental lab. Your new dental bridge will be composed of durable dental materials, which can be stronger than tooth enamel and last for years to come. Once it’s made, your dentist will place it using two abutments from the neighboring teeth and cemented into place with a special dental adhesive.

If you require restorative tooth care in the form of a dental bridge or another treatment, please call our Douglasville, Georgia, clinic for a consultation or appointment by calling 770-942-1096. Our dental team at Smile By Design strive to give you the care you need to get your best smile!